Ch-check it out

As part of NaBloPoMo, I hope to introduce the world to some bloggers that I do not (I repeat do not) know. These are posts that I may have stumbled across while fulfilling the separate-but-equal duty of reading blogs every day. Some of them may be a diamond in the rough. Some of them may not tickle your fancy. Give them a hand, anyway. Writing is fabulous and they’re doing a better job at it than most of the world.

11/5 – Julie101 – Glad I’m not the only one to hop on the NaBloPoMo train late. We’re in for a bumpy ride. Hang on.

11/6 – Rebecca (RaigeCreations) – Where do you write?

11/10 – the Intentional Mom – has a better idea about what to do with a million dollars than I do.

11/13 – Brunchosaurus  – Making me hungry!

11/18 – Ms. Write – is ballin’ at live blogging right now.

11/20 – AMT has the talk.


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