NaBloPoMo: Live Blogging

A night in the life of Erika, Gina, and Sasha.. As live blogged from my dying phone.

Scene: We’re going to a free pie/comedy show at some place called The Dunes. None of us have ever been there. 

6:22 Put on our matching cheetah shirts, ready to go.
6:27 Arrive at the station to see the Red line pulling in. Erika realizes she needs to refill her smart card. Miss the train.
6:28 Take a train going the opposite way.
6:31 Make it one stop, train is out of service. Get stuck at Rhode Island Ave and wonder why we went in this direction in the first place.
6:34 Get on another train.
6:35 We’re now stopped behind the first train, which is out of service. Debate how late we are willing to be. 
6:39 “In case you are wondering, we have a down circuit at Silver Springs. The train you were just on will be heading back to Shady Grove. We will be on our way to Glenmont momentarily.”
6:40 Curse the red line.
6:41 … and we’re off!
6:43 Miss our transfer by about four seconds.
6:48 Gina finds prospects.
6:49 They’re weird, one has a bulge. Turns out to be a glove.
6:54 Finally board the train. Keep in mind, the show starts at seven.
6:55 Discuss the green-ness of Iceland. My world is turned upside down when I learn it’s not always green.
7:00 Finally get off the metro
7:13 Arrive where the directions say we should be. It does not exist. Two scary men in a car knock on the window at us. We pretend to be Deaf and walk away (briskly).
7:16 It was this way…

7:17 Hipster kid at the door checks our IDs and takes our money. He can’t do math.
7:18 This place is so cute, loving it.
7:20 Oh. My. God. There is actually pie.
7:22 Meet Ben, mock his pie choice, chose the same thing.
7:23 Realize we’re at a comedy show in an art gallery, how DC of us.
7:27 “The only thing that could make this more hipster was if these were organic pies”
7:29 Notice the Whole Foods napkins.
7:32 Procure adult beverages
7:33 Gag on the bourbon
7:38 Ben may have a sister. 

7:48 Gina takes the last piece of pecan pie. We await the riots.
7:53 Trying to perfect the nose twitch. People probably think we have Tourette’s.
8:00 Gina finishes her first cup of punch
8:04 She shares the story of her first kiss. We giggle like school girls.
8:05 “It’s so visually quiet in here”
8:10 I lose my straw.
8:14 Finally starting, forgot I had to clap.

8:20 Agree that banana creme is the worst pie ever. 
8:27 “Your birthday is the only thing true about you.” Deep
8:54 Lust after this comedian

Phone dies. We laugh.

After the show, I try to look out the window and smash my face into it. 
I announce to the room and no one in general, “yes, boys, I am single and up for grabs.” 
I realize how wonderfully awkward I am. 

We go home, we hug, I’m in bed by 11:30.
Amazing night? Check. 


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