NaBloPoMo: I, Robot.

Prompt: How much of the day are you plugged in? Do you consciously set aside offline time, or does it happen whenever it happens?

If my body had a cord, I would never be able to venture further than five feet from an outlet.

In a world where every building is wi-fi compatible, from the library to the grocery store, and coffee shops boast plugs under every counter, the convenience is too much to resist.

In class, I take notes on a laptop (while surfing the web). In between, I do work on that same computer. I text, I snapchat, I call, I surf.. all on my cell phone.

I blog.

At night, while trying to force my head to let go of the world and get some sleep, I read. Not a book, though. My phone doubles as a bedtime story. My laptop plays some movie or show, providing background noise for my sleep.

And then, in the morning, my handy dandy iPhone is there to wake me up, fill me in on what everyone is up to, and keep me on schedule.


Surprisingly, the only thing in my life that hasn’t been touched by the digital hand of Kind Midas 3000 version 6.2? My day planner. Go figure. 


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