NaBloPoMo: Hoot Hoot

Prompt: Are you a morning person or a night owl?


I try so hard to be a morning person. I wake up at seven AM. I roll out of bed and groggily make a cup of coffee. Half the time I leave the house without it. I push through the whole day thinking “If I just make it to nine PM, I can go to bed early and tomorrow will be easier.” 

The early afternoon, I hit my stride. It was a rough morning, but I can do this! I get things accomplished. I do school work, read, write, and generally enjoy life. 

Then, its six or seven. I finally get home. I make dinner and feel wide awake. The hours of the day that were so tough and made me just want to cry melt away. It’s as if I had slept in as late as my body wanted me to. I feel as though I barely did anything for the past eleven hours. 

I play music, I dance around. Sometimes I go out, sometimes I stay in. I read or sing or do nothing at all. But I do it with the more energy than coffee can ever provide. This is how I know I’m a night owl.

Everyone who says “There’s no such thing as morning people. You just need to get on a schedule.” don’t know. I could be on a schedule, but that schedule needs to include embracing the fact that my most productive hours fall in between 4 PM and 1 AM. And I’m ok with that. 

By far, the best schedule I’ve ever nailed down went something like this:
6 AM – wake up, hate life a little bit
6:30 AM – walk out the door, mumble my coffee order at Starbucks, feel a little more human.
7 AM – get to work, love every second of it.
4 PM – leave work, exhausted.
4:30 PM – go to the gym, immediately regret the decision.
5:30 PM – eat dinner, take a nap.
7:30ish PM – wake up, shower, get dressed.
9 PM – go to quizzo.
1:30 AM – go home, sleep

May I suggest it? It really works, I swear. I got 6-8 hours of sleep a day, just not all at once. I woke up at 6:30 by my own accord on the weekends. I was productive. Then, grad school happened. 


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