NaBloPoMo: Today I learned..


As a graduate student, I’m afforded a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise get. One of those opportunities presented itself in the form of an anniversary workshop at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

I’ll rush through the specifics of each presentation, so as not to bore those of you in the audience who don’t get all giddy at the sight of a Passy Muir valve.

1. Walter Reed is awesome. There was a video about how they help people that dang near made me cry. The workshop had been going on for a good 24 minutes and I was almost in tears. Off to a good start clearly. This was also the point in my day when I set my sights on the one person I absolutely needed to network with (director of the department, in a bow tie) and what?! They have a feeding clinic here?! Where do I sign up?

2. Mild TBIs are hella interesting and come with a huge amount of comorbidities, which we all know, right? WRNMMC has a brain workout lab full of computers and cognitive software. And a pod. I’m still not sure what the pod is for, actually.

3. Lunch break. Cookies are amazing. I don’t know how to network.

4. Holy swallow study, batman. Blast related dysphagia, who knew?

5. Oh my god, you can use ultrasound instead of videofluoroscopy?! Paradoxical vocal fold motion is often confused with asthma. Why in the world do you need seven doctors (and a pool) to diagnose that?

Jealous yet? (It’s ok to say no.. at least I know I had a blast)
Now if only I could turn my terrible networking skills into the perfect internship lead, I’d be a happy clam.


(Thankfully, we are not our mothers, because mine would not have been into this as much as I was…)


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