NaBloPoMo – A Space to Call My Own

Prompt: Tell us about your writing space. Where do you write your blog posts?

Some people work at a desk. Others (like Rebecca @ RaigeCreations) prefer a table top or even sitting on their bed.

I’m a wanderer. The nation mall, the front porch, in the labyrinth that is this strange stone structure on Gallaudet’s campus. 


Seriously, what is this?

Fall breeze blowing, grass between my toes, the shade of a tree with almost no leaves. This is the perfect place for me to write. For now. I have the perfect mix of cool shade and warm sun. People pass by, but don’t bother me, per se. The beautifully loud silence of a Deaf campus surrounding me.

And that’s what it is. Loud Silence.
At least half the time, when I tell someone where I’m studying, one of their first three comments is some form of the sentence: “Wow, a Deaf campus? Must be quiet there.
Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is so oppressively quiet that you just wish you could scream. But you can’t, because that would be rude, and since, in reality, you’re sitting in a room full of hearing peers, who just prefer to work that way. Outside the confines of the clinic and the classroom is laughter, loud and carefree. Shouts for attention, but not like you’re used to. Music blaring in the computer lab, because who is it bothering? Just that hearing girl over there? Oh, well. Music so loud you can feel it, banging and scraping of desks and chairs, trucks and horns and sirens and all the other noises of a city, jingling of keys.

and then, sometimes…



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