Halloween is probably one of my favorite times of the year. We get to dress up, go out, and see other people who are dressed up. May not sound like much, but oh my, do I love it.


First and foremost, yes. That is real candy in my hair. No, you may not eat it. Oh, you’re not going to listen to me? Well then,.. 

True story, some guy hugged me, pulled my head close to his face, and bit a candy right off the hair clip it was GLUED to. He just shrugged it off. I will never understand some people.

When I (Vanellope) wasn’t having my hair eaten, I was sneakily taking pictures of the costumes I loved. Try and guess them all. Prize for the winner! (Disclaimer: The prize may or may not be candy that has glue on it.. play at your own risk..)
(Click the photo for the answer)






Number 3 was the sloppiest puppet I have ever seen in my life.
Yes, number 8 is store bought.

All this fun and it’s not even Halloween yet!




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