Don’t judge me but, up until this past weekend, I had never been to Ikea.

To me, Ikea was the omnipresent company that influenced life just by existing. I own two dressers from Ikea and had never set foot in one. The whole living room was Ikea clad. It was time to take the dive. This is a rundown of my first adventure into the belly of the beast, in convenient list format.

  1. The best part about the Ikea showroom is the beds. They aren’t made! I don’t care how pretty that bedspread looks when it’s unwrinkled and tucked neatly in. Mine will never look like that. Ikea doesn’t hide behind the pretenses that I will make my bed. This helped immensely when choosing a duvet cover. Oh, should I mention that I don’t even own a duvet? 
    ImageI also bought a sweater blanket, despite already owning enough blankets to keep my whole cohort warm throughout the entirety of winter. 
  2. Wall decals. I had the terrible little tiny tree of a wall decal that I hated. So, of course I wanted a replacement. I bought flowers, because that matched my bird them perfectly. We were off to a good start.
    2a. I ended up with flowers “sprouting” from my floorboards and a large amount of leftover stems. They literally transformed the terrible Target brand “tree and birds” decal and gross black curtain into the most artistic display of stickers I have ever assembled.
  3. The whole reason we even went to Ikea was to redecorate the living room. It was drab. It was boring. It needed some LIFE. I think we spent about forty-five minutes in the candle section. But, we needed something light for the table and something dark for the mantle. The couch looked plain, so throw pillows and a blanket were in order. The rug is brand new, too. We picked that out first and spent an obscene amount of time trying to match everything else to those awkward colors, because gosh darnit if we didn’t love the rug so much. 
    Image    Image
  4. And we bought one of these art school mannequin things. Because Ikea.
  5. A picture of a half-blown away dandelion. Like, a straight up photograph. I didn’t even buy a frame for it. I just found myself inexplicably drawn to buy this picture (this quickly turned into a trend). I got home to realize I had nowhere to even put it that looked less than ghetto.
  6. And, speaking of picture frames, I bought ten. Ten identical frames. All because I couldn’t choose just a few adorable postcards to put in them. I had to get the woodland critters, they’re so cute, but the birds matched my throw pillow! By this point, I was downright hypnotized.
  7. So hypnotized, that we bought a tree.

    Say hello to Oscar.

Ikea is a dangerous place. But now our house looks amazing, so I can’t even complain. 


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