1,2,3,4, some crazy-ass kids come and knock up on your door

Hockey is probably the only sport interesting enough to hold my attention. Yes, I know that there are many people who feel different. But I lose interest in practically anything else after a short bit. This night was suppose to be hockey-centric. I’m going to go ahead and say hockey was just an excuse for last night to happen.

Did you know that you can just order a big black SUV with a driver in a suit to come pick you up? You totally can.
Do you know what kinds of looks you’re going to get from the neighbors when you do?

So, after just TWO pregame stops, we went to the Flyers game (and only missed half..)

After a boatload of alcohol and hockey, we ventured out to Chinatown. I would love to tell you what we did, but I think it was a lot of dancing.

It appears that some of that dancing was to “Beez in the Trap.”

 Image(This pretty much sums up our entire friendship)

Oh, and shots. There were shots.

Now, normal city dwellers would just hop on the metro or call a cab to take them home. Not us. Cue our secret-service car and driver all suited up to take us.. not home. To H Street. I have never had a better hoagie in my life.

I hit my bed like a rock. And woke up with leaves in my pockets.

Hockey really is awesome, isn’t it?


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