Filipino Freak Show

Bear with me here. This video sums up grad school beautifully.

Non-verbal gesturing
This video is chock full of non-verbal gestures. Lip-syncing; Pantomiming; It’s all there.
I’m at a Deaf University. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t much non-verbal communication happening here.

To everyone else, it looks a little weird.
This man dressed as a woman ready for Halloween. Ok, but nothing too far out in today’s day and age.
You’re still in school? After you already have a perfectly good degree or a nice job or are almost thirty? A little weird, but not overly so.

It sounds lovely.
I Will Always Love You? That’s a good choice. Way to let Whitney do her thang.
A Master’s degree? In what now? Oh, doesn’t that sound great. You do your thing, girl.

Something happens to surprise you.
Yeah, I’m going to let those surprises speak for themselves.
It’s Gallaudet. I understand that there’s going to be differences. You would think that, a month into the semester, I would start to get a grasp on some of them. You’d be wrong.I’m not saying there are people pulling severed hands out in the middle of class, but still.
Every time we get comfortable, something comes along to throw us off. Our semester is going beautifully, then out of nowhere comes something new. The important thing is to just pick right back up without missing a beat (see 3:25). I wouldn’t be the same without those little hiccups, would it?

Without the surprises, grad school might as well just be a grown man dressed up like a corpse.


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