This weekend was a time to check things off my list. Not that this list is tangible or actually full of things, but it still feels good to check things off.

First things first, the Library of Congress.
I love libraries. You could stick me in a public library (or even a bookstore, for that matter) and I would be enamored. Not only is the Library of Congress a beautiful building, it’s home to Jefferson’s library. I have never seen so many big, old, dusty books. And I have never before wanted to touch something in a museum as badly as I wanted to crack open one of those books and start reading.

ImageThe building itself is remarkable. Marble stairs, marble columns, every inch of the walls and ceilings covered in beautiful artwork. Unlike practically every other museum I’ve been to, this one wasn’t built to be a museum. It wasn’t meant to be looked at by tourists. It was built to be used and functional, which is what makes it even more extraordinary. Imagine if your local library looked like this.


Next up, the Capitol building. Here’s a few friendly hints: 1. Don’t wear a belt in DC. Just don’t do it. They make you take it off for everything. 2. No, you are not really going on a rocket ship. It’s just a tunnel. 3. Get a tourist pass. They don’t let you see anything without one. Dumb. At least the outside of the building was nice.  


Then, the best part. This place. Seriously (aside from one person, you know who you are), I will give a prize to anyone who can identify this place before I share the answer. There’s no plaque, no sign, no indication that this place even exists. It’s just there.

ImageA giant fountain surrounded by a brick gazebo and stone seating. That’s it.
It’s so peaceful and so cool. The sun beats down, but the stone is cold and surprisingly inviting. It still amazes me that, in the middle of a bustling city, somewhere so serene and detached from the world can exist.

The rest of the weekend was filled with tailgating, the H Street festival (with some of the best cheesecake I’ve ever had) and getting caught in the rain. Splashing through the rain, on my way home, sharing an umbrella with someone who, just a few months ago, I had never met, reminded me how much everything is different, yet nothing has changed.

Sunday brought the book festival and a whole world of disappointment. I seriously don’t even want to talk about how unimpressed I was. I am impressed with the fact that I managed to take the metro to the National Mall all by myself and only miss my stop by ONE. Of course it was on the weekend that trains were only running every 24 minutes, so I ended up in the creepiest metro station ever for almost a half hour, but I managed to navigate my way eventually.

Following the unimpressive book festival was the very impressive jaunt down embassy row. Trivia fact for you: The Latvian embassy used to be the most lucrative brothel in DC. Go, Latvia! (?)

My weekend did not end on such a normal note. (Come on, you didn’t expect it to, did you?)

11:30 PM
I decide it would be a grand time to do laundry.
11:35 PM I open the basement door to see a bug staring me down.
11:36 PM I frantically call for Monica.
11:37 PM Monica and I are both frozen in fear. The bug turns around.
11:39 PM I grab a solo cup and attack the bug, which begins to jump down the stairs, and finally off the stairs, behind a board, onto the wall.
11:40 PM I frantically call for Monica.
11:41 PM I move all possible hiding spots away from the bug’s current position. I construct a bug barrier between the main basement room and the side room.
11:42 PM Monica attempts to swat the bug off the wall. I stand, ready to trap him in the solo cup.
11:45 PM Monica still cannot reach, so she gives up.
11:46 PM We stare at the bug, trying to plot our next move.
11:47 PM We stare at the bug, trying to plot our next move.
11:48 PM We stare at the bug, trying to plot our next move.
11:50 PM Monica leaves to go boil a pot of soapy water. It takes forever. I stay to guard the bug and watch for movement.
11:55 PM The bug still has not moved a centimeter. Monica brings down the pot of boiling water.
11:56 PM We still cannot figure out how to get the water TO the bug.
11:57 PM I leave my perch to help Monica move the board, the only thing separating us from the bug.
11:58 PM We look up. The bug is gone.
11:59 PM I frantically call for Monica.
12:00 AM We stare at each other in shock.

10:48 PM My laundry is still in the basement. Refuse to brave it alone.

That’s it. We’re getting traps. My poor heart can’t handle another incident like this. 



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