Thursday is the Worst Day of the Week


All day, Wednesday treats you well. You’re cheered on. Wednesday knows “you can do it!” You’re halfway through the week and that’s awesome. Wednesday night is just as grand. It comforts you. Wednesday reminds you that the week is halfway through. It lets you stay up late, laughing and joking with you.  

Thursday morning taunts you. It’s the morning you can sleep in, the day that starts late. The comfort of your bed leads to a constant cycle of alarms and snoozing. You know that you should get out of bed, but you don’t have to. Not just yet. 

That final unmade cup of coffee (set out for the entire week) mocks you from the counter. Sitting alone, unwanted, reminding you the today is not the last day you need caffeine. Friday is still coming.

Thursday drags on. The day never ends. Every small accomplishment lies in the shadow of another task. Everything stands between you and the weekend. Anthills turn into mountains. The light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away. You can hear Friday beckoning you from the other side. “Come to me,” it cries. Thursday clings to you, holding you back. As you fight to break free, to just make it through, dreaming of Friday’s warm embrace, Thursday remains relentless.

Fortunately, Thursday’s strength wanes. It succumbs to Friday, which welcomes you with open arms. All is good with the world.

Until next week.


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