The plans for last night were fun and simple: Finish up reading the file for my diagnostic client, eat dinner at my “buddy’s” house, go to a drag show.

By the time we finished that dang file, I just wanted to nap. But I persevered and went to dinner, where I promptly decided sleep was more important than a drag show.

Fast forward two hours (and a good number of drinks) later, and we’re doing squats and yoga in the living room. An hour and a half after that, we’re on our way to H Street for Deaf Night.

Holy cow, I stuck to Suzie and Luke’s sides like glue. It’s still overwhelming to see a room full of signers. There’s still that voice in the back of my head that says “You can hear. You don’t belong here. You can’t sign. You’re just going to embarrass yourself.” And I do, but it’s ok. I get through it and actually communicate and live to see another day.

Brick: I’m still not super comfortable with my signing abilities and feel like my ASL one class is doing nothing to help.

Balloon: I made it through Deaf Night in one piece. Everyone understood what I was trying to get across (some more than others) and I understood most of what was being said to me. I even ran into a familiar friendly face! My ASL class may be moving super slow now, but the basics are important! If I don’t go back and fill in those little holes in my foundation, it’ll all come crashing down soon enough.

Isn’t it a wonderful week when you can only think of one bricks? Let’s see if I’m still on this same page next week.


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