Made In America – Day Two

ImageI took this as an opportunity to be ultra festival-y. High waisted shorts? Check. Summery shirt (that could be turned into a crop top if necessitated)? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Heck, I even managed to procure a cool flat brim from Skype.


I didn’t catch much of him, but it wasn’t unenjoyable. It’s also not really my scene so, I’ll just leave it at this: B+ for effort, A- for crowd enthusiasm.

Queens of the Stone Age

Three and a half years ago, I resigned myself to the fact that I would never see Queens of the Stone Age perform live. It was just not going to happen. Sunday evening, it happened. Remember that bucket list? Cross one off, baby.

(left) Queens of the Stone Age               (right) The exact moment the moshing started

I will say, whoever planned the set order and stage assignments for this festival did a great job. Putting Wiz Khalifa immediately before Queens? Genius! The whole crowd cleared out (none of that “waiting for Beyonce” crap), allowing us to step right in, a mere three people from the front. There are perks to being into a band with a short fan base, too. We were lucky enough to meet up with another amazing group of people, including Josh Homme’s biggest fan in the world and her boyfriend (and Ian, a chivalrous tall gentleman who offered to swap spots with me because I’m short). We managed to stake out a spot with ample breathing room and held our ground for a full hour before the show began. Once again, having someone to share the experience with made it all the more enjoyable (that and the tequila that we were also sharing…).

The show began and I was not disappointed. The band encouraged the crowd to throw the rules out the window. “We’re in Philly. We have brotherly love, we don’t need rules! … Girls, sit on your boyfriends’ shoulders and rock out. Security, don’t stop them!”

I was prepared for screaming and rocking and temporarily going deaf. I was not prepared to find myself getting smacked and pushed on the outskirts of my first ever mosh pit, but I did find myself embracing it. Sweat, blood, tequila, and tears (of happiness) covering my body, I left that set beside myself with happiness. I could have gone home at that very second and been happy with life. Brotherly love, indeed.

Calvin Harris

I followed the advice of a friend and saw Calvin Harris. I didn’t know he was a DJ. I decided to get ice cream instead.

ImageIt was red bean and rice crispy.

Nine Inch Nails

At this point of the night, I was exhausted, dirty, happy (and debating how much longer it would be socially acceptable for me to be one of those girls that’s really really into this).

ImageI knew a total of three Nine Inch Nails songs. I didn’t care. I went with it. I sat in the dirt, with my sunglasses on (at ten PM), swaying to the music, watching the lights, and getting lost in the moment. If you’ve never gotten lost in a moment, do it soon.

Walking back to the car, I found a fountain. I didn’t find a sign asking me to stay out of it.

ImageI got yelled at by security, but god did that water feel good on my bare feet.


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