Yesterday, I used the word antithesis in a casual conversation.

And that should help explain why I will be single forever…

I’ve hit the point of just giving up on the day. Yeah, it’s only 4 PM, but I’m already wearing pajamas and blogging on the front porch with a cup of tea. That just about signals the end of all things productive.

As I’m sure everyone that reads this (aka Aunt Vic) is curious.. I survived hot yoga! Barely, but I did it. I’m fairly proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and actually braving the class. BUT uncomfortable experiences make for the best stories.

I keep hearing other students say “I came to Gallaudet to push myself out of my comfort zone.” I did not. I came for about a million reasons. Being uncomfortable is not one of them. I want to be comfortable here. I want this to be my home for a while. What I don’t want is for it to suddenly be 2015 and find myself looking back, wishing I had done more interesting things. Who knows? Maybe I’ll end up loving the uncomfortable feeling of everyone else’s “salty rain” being thrown about in a hundred degree room (SPOILER: It’s tolerable, but I wouldn’t call it love). Perhaps I’ll find a new activity to occupy my free time (what free time?).  I just need to be more daring and brave. I need to channel my inner (Sasha) Fierce!

Speaking of daring and brave,

Level One Bravery: 
We decided today would be a great day to skip orientation and go sightseeing. Mother Nature apparently heard about our escapades and decided to intervene with a rain storm. Not to be thwarted that easily, we rerouted to the museum of Natural History and killed a few hours there. I know, museums aren’t “brave” but navigating the metro was! We only missed our stop once… Yay us?

I wish I could say that I learned something new and exciting at the museum, but I can’t. I did fill out a genetics wheel, so that was neat.

Level Two Bravery:
90 minutes of hot yoga with someone I had met once. That really could have all ended much more poorly than it did.

Level Three Bravery:
Venturing out to the Treehouse Lounge for “grad night out.” I’m starting to get more comfortable signing, but when faced with a situation where I have to sign, I freeze up like a Weeping Angel (forgive that example, please). There’s a good amount of tension in the Deaf community regarding the presence of non-signers and Speech Therapy students on campus. It’s nice to see friendly faces, willing to help us learn and work with our minimal signing skills. The amount of effort it takes me on a daily basis to follow along and keep up is mind boggling, but I’m trying. I just want others to see and recognize that.


The incoherence of that last paragraph and my practically non-existent writing skills are leading me to believe that I should just stop now. Hopefully, I’ll get myself to level four bravery soon (or does leaving my comfortable life and moving to a Deaf community four hours from home count? I’m not sure.)



OH WAIT! I did learn something new recently (not at the museum but I think it counts):
I live in the pre-antepenultimate house on my block!


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