Bricks and Balloons

While student teaching, I learned this as a way to cope with and reflect on a day or week. Maybe I’ll try this out again. It’s a basic high/low exercise, but more fun this way.

Brick: My signing is atrocious.
Balloon: I’m getting better at signing and meeting lots of new people who are helping me. Last night, while waiting for the girls to walk over to the bar, someone stopped me to ask for directions. The first thing I told him was that “I don’t sign well, sorry.” The last thing he said to me (following our conversation) was “You don’t sign? Yes you do!”

Brick: My classes still aren’t sorted. This is frustrating because it’s holding up quite a few things and no one seems to have an answer as to why.
Balloon: I’m fortunate enough to have been accepted to and attending the only Deaf university in the country, pursuing a degree in a promising field. I enjoy the company of my fellow speechies and I’m finding time to do things I enjoy. Also, I have a cute new day planner for when I finally know what’s going on!

Moral of this post:


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