My last confession

And this is how I know I’m in the right place.

Any group of people that loves speech related joke and has the same bad humor as I do must be the group for me. 



This terrible (terribly great) Valentine, coupled with meeting at least one other person in the world that always want to be around people, made my day.


Today marked pretty much the only day of orientation I was looking forward to (aka department orientation). It also marked my first interaction with second year speechies. It also also marked my first visit to the H street country club. It also also also marked the first (and probably last) time I agreed to do Bikram yoga. I’ve only been yoga-ing for about 2 1/2 months so, this should prove interesting. Or deadly. 

I swear being a student at Gallaudet (and all things that it entails) will be the death of me.

That being said, if this is my last post ever, let it be noted..

I shot the sheriff. BUT I did not shoot the deputy. 
(and that I’m slowly losing my mind)


Now, I need to go listen to that song…


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