Guys, let me give you a piece of advice. (and trust me, this is the “learn from my mistakes” kind..) If a girl ever turns to you and says these words, run away. Run away and never look back.

So, I saw this thing on Pinterest…


I don’t care if she insists that it

a. Looks sooo easy.
b. would make so much sense.
c. sounds fun!                                       or
d. Is a cheaper way of doing it.

Just say no!

That being said…

I saw this thing on Pinterest. It looked super easy (a) and, knowing that my room would be the approximate size of a Turkish prison cell, made so much sense (b). Rather than trying to fit an entire bed and teeny-tiny dresser into my room, I would just loft my bed on top of the dressers! Sounds fun, right? (c) After snagging the exact dresser used in the tutorial at Goodwill for a super low price (d), I knew my vision destined to come to fruition.

(This is the point in the post where you begin shaking your head, because you totally know what’s coming… a mess.)

Challenge 1: Find a Dresser
Finding two similar dressers doesn’t sound too hard, right? Right. Unless those dressers are from IKEA and measure exactly 30 ¼” high. NO OTHER DRESSER in the world measures 30 ¼”. The only realistic step? Buy the dresser brand new (and unassembled).

Challenge 2: Import Dressers
Two words: Winding Staircase. I’ll let your imagination run wild on that one.

Challenge 3: Assemble!
We had a tutorial. We had all the pieces. We started putting them together. Then, we had a headache.

Challenge 4: Jump into Bed (Literally)
Long story short, when you add a mattress and boxspring to the top of a dresser that’s already almost half your height..  you’ve got the top half of a bunk bed. I’ve already got bruised shins from trying to hop up but finding the edge of the dresser instead. I would post pictures of this monstrosity, but my room isn’t large enough to allow for a full photo.

This project single handedly took up 65% of my move-in time.

It also provides 65% more storage space in my room, so it was all worth it in the end.

Fingers crossed that we don’t find ourselves with 65% more of a mess when the whole thing collapses in a week.
(No really though, someone knock on wood for me, because this would be unacceptable.)


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